Compassionate Conversations

Food Addiction 101- with Dr. Vera Tarman, Author of "Food Junkies"

January 18, 2023 Esther Kane, MSW, RSW, RCC Season 2 Episode 4
Compassionate Conversations
Food Addiction 101- with Dr. Vera Tarman, Author of "Food Junkies"
Show Notes

Do you think you may be addicted to food? How do you know for sure? Watch this mind-expanding interview where Eating Disorders Therapist, Esther Kane and Dr. Vera Tarman, author of Food Junkies, discuss the how's and why's of food addiction.  They discuss in detail the main differences between food addiction and eating disorders.

Episode Contents:

0:00 Compassionate Conversations Intro
0:24 Body Image Series Intro
2:44 Introducing Vera Tarman
4:15 Vera's personal struggle with food addiction
20:20 Differences between “food addiction” and “eating disorders”
16:45 How do I know if I’m addicted to food?
24:31 The four stages of food addiction
41:30 Differences between food addiction and addictions to other substances
49:55 What foods people tend to be addicted to and why
54:00 The huge increase of highly processed foods on the market today and the politics behind this
57:48 Do people with food addiction need to follow a particular way of eating to achieve success and to maintain their recovery?
1:00:08 Why  “intuitive eating” doesn’t work for everyone
1:01:43 The role spirituality plays in recovery from food addiction
1:04:35 Practical steps to becoming free of food addiction

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